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multidisciplinary designer

I’m a 32yr old brotha native to Arizona and I’ve been designing in my field for over 10yrs. and 5yrs professionally. As a multidisciplinary designer I have various skills within the field of graphic design, web design, illustration and motion graphics.


If you feel this process isn't for you and your looking to work another way, I'm willing to hear you out.

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Can I purchase "just a logo" ?

Businesses with a good understanding of the design process would rather spend time than money. Xxist Design Company only provides premium solutions with complete Brand Identity kits and assets to maintain brand consistency within the unique system and experience custom built for it. So no, you can't purchase "just a logo".

How many concepts are created and delivered?

That all depends on a multitude of factors, and each plan is perfectly crafted for each idea. Instead of creating a bunch of different styles and variants it's best to stick with one complete kit, but if there's time and adequate budget we'll work till it's complete.

Can you be hired on retainer for ongoing work?

A conversation can be had about any ongoing or consistant need for designs or illustrations, however most work request or collaborations are booked on a project-bases.

Do you vector client sketches or enhance artwork?

I'll take any images and ideas for reference in our discovery phase but, Nah sorry this ain't that. I suggest a student, friend, family member or even places like You'll find those services for as low as $5

Will you edit my current website in Wix, Shopify, etc.?

Xxist Design Company only uses Webflow to design, develop and maintain custom built websites, however logos, graphics and illustrations created by XDC may be implemented on any platform of your choosing

Do you provide copyrights?

Once projects are completed and invoices are balanced Xxist Design Company will provide transfer of rights. Contact your  Secretary of State for clarity on specific Trademarks and Copyright laws